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We Reduce The Burden and Handle Your Entire Claim

With over 31 years of property insurance claims experience, we have handled 1000’s of property claims of all kinds, from Hurricane and Storm, Water and Mold, to Fire and Smoke, from Inland Marine to Boiler and Machinery claims. We are experts in the property claims field, and we advocate for YOU, the policyholder, not the insurance carrier. Our goal is to make sure you are correctly and fully compensated for your property loss, so we work with other industry professionals to properly estimate the damage.

  • We’re Available When You Are

    We try to keep normal hours, but will most often base our work schedule upon your ability to meet with us.

  • Industry Professionals for 31 Years

    With over 31 years experience settling property claims, our balanced experience enables equitable payments in reasonable timeframes.

  • Helping With Your Entire Claim

    Our knowledge of the insurance claims business, applying construction and estimating skill with timely detail, will enable you to go on about the important business in your life while we handle your insurance carrier.

Frank Lee Evans

Public Adjuster
FL DFS #A079532, GA #2843036


The Good Claim Story

I became a licensed Public Adjuster to be an advocate for policyholders needing help after a loss with their insurance carriers. My dedication to professional service can be summed up best in the experience I had as a young adjuster.

I received a new claim, almost a full year following Hurricane Andrew, while on assignment in South Florida as an Insurance Company staff catastrophe member. A young mother who did not speak English had found her way to our office. With the help of an interpreter, I found that she needed a re-evaluation of her claim, and we scheduled a meeting at her home later that day. Upon arrival at the property, I found a severely damaged home that had been sitting idle and was un-inhabitable since Cat 5 Hurricane Andrew hit the year prior.

After further investigation, I found that the woman’s husband had died the same night, from an illness unrelated to the Hurricane, leaving the wife devastated and alone. She was not fluent in English and had no family in the area to help her through the difficult time that followed. She was physically and emotionally unable to handle her affairs. While her claim had been filed with the insurance company, the contracted adjuster did not or could not contact her to inspect the loss, consequently, an inadequate payment recommendation was submitted.

In handling this claim, I realized that when tragedy strikes, the burden of an insurance claim becomes an unwanted necessity that must be endured. This one event, and many others like it, forged my sense of duty and responsibility to serve, not just as a professional insurance adjuster, but as an advocate for the person whose life has been damaged. I felt that the skills I had accumulated over my 31-year career in claims would be better served assisting the policyholder with the highest level of integrity and service.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you.

Frank Lee Evans
Public Adjuster – FL DFS #A079532, GA #2843036

Tabitha Byers

Public Adjuster
SC DOI #931691, NC DOI #6572097,
FL DFS #W458477

Tabitha’s Story

I was inspired to become a public adjuster after experiencing a loss at my own home in December 2016. Dealing with the insurance company proved to be a daunting process. After working in the construction industry for over a decade here in Northeast Florida, I decided to switch gears in August 2017 and take on the challenge of learning a new career. My goal is to be knowledgeable coupled with a strong desire to be the best advocate for the insured as I can possibly be.

Why Hire a Public Adjuster?

When faced with a severe property loss, knowing you have your own industry-tested adjusting team to rely upon can make all the difference. Good Claim Public Adjusters can best protect your interest and guide you to achieve the best possible return on your property claim.

We utilize a team of business associates who are experts in:

  • Forensic Engineering
  • Florida Property Law
  • Air Quality
  • Accounting

They work with us to help secure the facts necessary to fight for a fair settlement on your insurance claim.

From Our Clients

Thank you Frank Evans for your five star service to my wife and I in the aftermath of a storm! Before Frank was recommended to us we were constantly on the phone, emailing, texting, sending pictures and information to our insurance company. There must have been 4-5, or more, people we spoke with at different locations related to our insurance company. It often seemed that their “left hand did not know what the right hand was doing.”… After Frank came on board to take over, things got much easier, immediately. He became our advocate shouldering the load taking most of the stress off of us… Frank gave us a lot of peace and encouragement throughout this process and got back with us promptly when we had questions. I believe that Frank is a man of integrity and great professionalism, certainly a pleasure to work with. With Frank’s help, I believe that we received considerably more in financial damage claims than we would have received on our own.

Joseph M.

Thanks to the work of Good Claim Public Adjusters. They did deal with the insurance company and got a settlement worked out.

Raphael B.

My family and I were devastated when a storm affected our home. Good Claim Public adjusters were friendly, professional and informative in every step of the process. They walked us through every step of the claim which allowed our family to get back to living and stop worrying. Our family is extremely satisfied with the service and we would highly recommend them to anyone else in need after a disaster.

John S.

Thanks to this wonderful company for helping us get through one of the most frustrating times in our life. We found ourselves dealing with water damage and mold issue in our home and we struggled with our insurance company to get properly reimbursed. Thanks to Frank and Tabitha for using their vast knowledge and experience to handle matters with the insurance company for us. They were able to get our insurance claim resolved and paid so that we could get back to our normal lives. They were very professional, helpful and kept us informed every step of the way. I don’t know what we would have done without their help! It’s so refreshing to know that there are people out there that still care and want to help others. We will be forever grateful! Thanks again for everything!

Susan W.

Good Claim Public Adjusters are great! We received excellent service in a professional and timely manner. They are hardworking, professional, and caring. Frank and Tabitha are exceptional at what they do. They handled everything from start to finish. And the best part is we never had to deal with the insurance company again!

Lisa A.

Like many, our properties were severely damaged by the high winds and water associated with a storm. Your sustained attention to timely detail, knowledge of the insurance claims business, and construction knowledge and estimating skill as applied to our claims has enabled us to go on about the important business we had after this storm happened and this relief worked very well for us. We appreciate that you were able to handle the insurance companies, their processes, and their constantly changing work staff while staying focused upon “our” losses, enabling “our” family to be confidently indemnified and made whole by our insurance carriers. We feel that without your help and guidance we would no doubt have suffered a substantial loss of time and treasure and for your efforts, we are eternally grateful.

Wayne M.

My husband and I recently encountered an unjust denial by [our insurance] of a hail damage claim. Every other home in our community was approved by homeowners’ insurance to replace their roofs due to an intense hail storm, except ours… We felt helpless to fight for justice against a powerful, recalcitrant company that would not honor the terms of our policy. A roofer referred us to Frank Evans… He proceeded, on our behalf, to engage with [our insurance] in an honest effort to persuade them to honor our policy. Throughout this unfortunate circumstance, Frank fought for us as if this were his own problem to solve. He continuously made judgment calls that were honest and in our best interest. He cared about our situation and called upon other experts, e.g. engineers, lawyers, and other adjusters. For those who legitimately find themselves at odds with an insurance company that is supposed to honor their policies for evident property damage, I highly recommend Public Adjuster, Frank Evans.

Linda S.

Our home had extensive damage from a storm. Frank was recommended to help me navigate through the catastrophe claims process with my insurance company. Because of his expertise, we received a sizable check that covered the roof replacement and repairs to my kitchen and walls. Without his intervention, I’m sure they would have given me nothing but a headache! I recommend him to anyone who has to deal with an Insurance company! He went the extra mile to make sure all steps were covered and the customer is reimbursed accordingly and justly. I would give him 10 stars if I could!

Shelly S.

I have worked with Good Claim for quite some time and what strikes me the most is how much they truly care about each individual homeowner. Unlike many other public adjusters, Good Claim does not let their claims sit without any action. They are persistent, thorough, professional, and highly effective. As a fellow business owner, who I choose to recommend is a direct reflection of my brand – I am always proud to recommend Good Claim to my clients when they are in need of a public adjuster.

Shannon L.

Frank and Tabitha have consistently delivered results for me and my clients. I would highly recommend Frank to anyone seeking a reputable adjuster who has the knowledge it takes to get you the most out of your claim.

Brian M.

This company is attentive and easy to work with. They make the process stress free. Good Claim is definitely trustworthy and I highly recommend them.

Victor N.

Frank was great to work with through this major natural disaster. If you think an insurance company has your best interest, think again. My insurance company issued an initial check to me that would not have repaired 1/3 of my damage. It was a laughable amount. I would use Good Claim Public Adjusters again. I am grateful for the work Frank did for my family.

Jay D.

Following the storm, the cleanup process was extensive.  What I did not realize was the task I would face getting the insurance company to pay attention to the situation I faced. Were it not for the thorough attention to detail by Frank and his team, my settlement would have been substantially less; if there was a settlement at all.

Ray C.

We had filed a claim with our insurance company regarding the excessive shingle damage to our roof due to wind. Here is a surprise–it was refused and we were staring at a bill of over $25,000.00 for a new roof. Frank was introduced to us and only because of his ability, professionalism, and follow up were we able to get a new roof while only costing us our deductible. Frank is very knowledgeable about the workings of the insurance companies. He knows what and how to ask questions and address the claim so it gets paid. You can trust Frank Evans and we are very happy to recommend him.

D. Barnard

He is very knowledgeable.  He follows through on his commitments.  Frank is very responsive.

R. Overby

I personally have worked with Frank on multiple claims.  He is very professional and knowledgeable in his field.

M. Boen