What We Do

Benefits of a Public Adjuster

Homeowners and Commercial Policyholders that have experienced property damage are almost certain to have a stressful situation to deal with. In addition to the physical damage done to the property, normal operation of your business or personal life at home are often entirely disrupted. Even the most organized or pro-active business or family find themselves overwhelmed with the paperwork, requirements, and burdens put on them by their insurance carrier and other agencies. Without the knowledge or experience of these complex claims, you’re unprepared to handle it, or simply do not have the time. This is where a public insurance claims adjuster can be of help.

  • We Save You Time

    We will manage all aspects of your claim so you are spending a minimal amount of time dealing with the claim issues. We handle everything.

  • We Are Claims Experts

    We are experts in insurance policy interpretation, and how these policies and endorsements are designed to work both for and against you, and we use our skills and experience to your benefit.

  • Your Claim Is Resolved Faster

    Expedite the claims process and get your repairs underway faster with our time saving methods and expert claims process.

  • We Protect Your Rights

    Our knowledge and understanding of the insurance company’s expectations is essential to have if your claim is denied. If necessary, we take forceful action to enforce your rights as a policyholder.

  • Get a Fair Value

    We’re here to help you take full advantage of your policy and to make sure that you receive all you’re entitled to.

Types of Claims We Handle for People

Residential Claims

We represent residential policyholders in claims of all kinds, including: fire, pipe burst, vehicular damage to property, wind, and most any sudden damage to your property.

Commercial Claims

Commercial Property Claims can be complex. We have extensive experience, and can obtain the best possible settlement for your business.


We act as appraiser for insurance companies and policyholders on disputed claims that require the unbiased adjustment by a professional property adjuster.

Construction Consulting

We offer Construction Consultant services for property owners and contractors on an hourly basis. We are expert in the use of Xactimate estimating software and have extensive experience, in restoration, remodeling and new construction. We assist in the creation of estimates for contractors on insurance repairs.

Disaster Damage Claims

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